What if we made it mortifying and criminal to be a bully? What if we did more than just watch as human beings are torn down for entertainment or consumption? Let’s stick up for the ones who don’t have it in them to fight anymore. Let’s start a movement where Kindness is the most beautiful thing about a person. Where everyone is included and embraced and feels welcomed in a community. Let’s make it so that there is unequivocally NO ROOM for bullying. Where there is no place for hatred or intolerance. 

Could we prevent one suicide, mass shooting, hate crime or one more person battling addiction? 

With this Kindness Campaign, I want to create a small corner of the world that champions for Kindness, Love and Inclusion. My hope is that this small flame will ignite and spread like wildfire. I want to INSPIRE men and women of all ages to advocate for Kindness and Compassion. I want to create communities where intolerance, bullying, hatred, violence and apathy go to die. 

Will you stand with me???? #PeaceOutBullies