The New Ombre-ecaille

Ombre hair color has got to be my favorite trend of the last 10 years. It’s the lazy trendy girl’s dream. The only problem is it is very difficult to find a stylist who can blend your natural color into a seamless melt of  light, lighter to lightest. It is way too easy for this trend to turn into the really bad “grown out roots” look if not done properly. If you find a skilled stylist to do this for you, you will forever be indebted to her (or at least for the next 4 months when you just lay back and let your hair be fabulous). The grow out process is nonexistent, and it actually looks better as your natural color grows and the sunlight bleaches out the lighter pieces of your hair at the bottom. This can also be a very natural look. If you look at a young child’s hair, the roots are the darkest, the middle part is a little bit lighter and the ends fade into a color a few shades lighter than the rest. If we left our hair alone, a subtler version of ombre would shine through naturally. I let my hair grow out into a lovely dark blonde to light blonde ombre while I was pregnant and it was the best thing to ever happen to my hair. I was able to keep chemicals off my scalp and did not stress about getting my hair done for a solid 6 months.